[ic] Incomplete contact_form reply

Mark Lipscombe markl at gasupnow.com
Thu Jul 21 01:44:12 EDT 2005

David Radovanovic wrote:
> I've been receiving incomplete (without required Message) from an
> Interchange Catalog for some time now. I've tried the form
> (http://www.cometosaugerties.com/sauger.cgi/contact_form.html) myself in
> several different browsers without any missing required fields. For
> instance, a successful reply would be received like:

At the risk of pointing out a very obvious cause, could you have an [if 
value phone] that is missing an [/if] in 
special_pages/send_contact_form, meaning that if the user doesn't 
specify a phone number, the rest of the message is caught in the [if]?


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