[ic] Payment module problems

Jamie Neil jamie at versado.net
Thu Jul 21 06:23:31 EDT 2005

Jamie Neil wrote:
> Jamie Neil wrote:
>>> Daniel Browning wrote:
>>>> Mike has added a "use_wget" option recently to work around this very 
>>>> problem. 
>> Patched and apparently working OK - fingers crossed.
> Everything seemed to be fine until a week or so ago when interchange 
> stopped responding with one of the processes stuck on 100% utilisation.
> This is the first time I'd seen this (interchange has always been rock 
> solid up to now) so thinking it might be related to running in RPC mode, 
> and assuming that the wget fix was working, I switched back to low 
> traffic mode and restarted.
> Big mistake - payment module errors came back in force.
> So I've switched back to RPC mode again and so far I've not seen a 
> repeat of the problem, but it looks like the use_wget option is not 
> fixing it.
> Can anyone suggest how we go about troubleshooting this, cos I'm out of 
> ideas and I don't really want to carry on using RPC mode if I can help it.

Is no-one else seeing this problem?

Our setup is nothing unusual: Debian 3.1; Apache2; non-threaded Perl 
5.8.7 + Bundle::Interchange; MySQL 4.1; and IC 5.2.

We've tried RPC mode, unsafe signals, and now wget - still getting these 
intermittant payment module problems.

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