[ic] IC 5.2.0 & FC3 - no sockets being initialised

Howard Lowndes lannet at lannet.com.au
Thu Jun 2 00:35:45 EDT 2005

I am able to start IC with the multi-threaded Perl that is standard with 
FC3 by using the MINIVEND_FORCE_THREADS environment variable and I can 
see it running in the process listing.

The problem is that it does not appear to be creating any sockets.

If I create a catalog to run in UNIX mode then there is no UNIX sockets, 
and if I create a catalog to run in INET mode then there is no TCP:7786 
socket.  The /etc/interchange.cfg file correctly reflects my 
requirements in either case.

Is there something I may have missed, or is this a problem stemming from 
the multi-threaded Perl problem?

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