[ic] Options and weight

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Fri Jun 3 10:51:16 EDT 2005

Quoting tom (tom at sanguinarius.co.uk):
> I have searched and searched the mail archives and can only find other 
> messages from people with this problem.
> Does anyone know how to, or have a code sample that will allow me to 
> have different products options contributing a different amount of 
> weight to the basket?
> ie. having an item available in 5 sizes each weighing different amounts, 
> whilst still being only 1 item in the catalogue.

The [weight ...] tag handles this, and has documentation:

	perldoc code/UserTag/weight.tag

Just replace "weight" in your shipping.asc file with [weight options=1].

You need a later version of IC, though if you use an earlier one you can
probably just replace it's [weight] with the newest one.

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