[ic] Interchange integrate with UPS WorldShip?

info at genesishobby.com info at genesishobby.com
Sat Jun 4 17:32:08 EDT 2005

Does Interchange integrate with UPS WorldShip and Indicia's Dazzel (for USPS 
shipping) without our having to re-type addresses?  What about the tracking 
number, is in entered automatically and also sent via e-mail to the 
customer?  It seems these must be entered manually - surely I'm mistaken! 
What about multiple tracking numbers like when I ship an order with 3 or 4 
packages?  Same thing, manually enter the tracking numbers?  Half my 
employees are dyslexic . . . imagine the chaos!

Kindest regards,

John Beech - GM
Genesis Hobby Distributors

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