[ic] Using options to change SKU

Peter Nikolaidis xy at nikolaidis.com
Sun Jun 5 19:59:36 EDT 2005

Hello all,

I have a catalog which includes several similar products which vary in 
physical characteristics (color and if there's a string attached) and 

The catalog is currently set up so that every variance is represented as 
a separate item.  For example, if you buy a red item with a string, it 
is different from a blue item with a string or a red item without a 
string.  Each of these items has its own SKU, for instance 100RS 
(red/string), 100BN (blue/nostring), 100RN (red/nostring).

We would like to have all of these products represented as a single 
item, with the customer given the ability to choose color and whether or 
not a string is attached when they're adding the item to their cart.

What options method do I need to use to do this? Is there an easy way to 
dynamically calculate a product's SKU at the time it's being added to 
the cart so that we don't need to maintain so many versions of the same 



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