[ic] Category dropdowns missing options in IC 4.8

Jean Candelier jpcandelier at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 11:40:56 EDT 2005

We have two Interchange 4.8.9 catalogs which were migrated from other
servers to their current host. Now when we are in the admin UI, we
have combo select boxes which never show any values to select from
other than "<- New". All of the tables, meta data etc. were migrated
over when we moved the sites.

For example the category field's widget's meta data Table::Column
appears properly set to products::category. The  "Lookup select" field
has a value of "category." The "Lookup Table" has a value of

We have an IC 5 catalog which is similarly configured and is working
properly allowing us to select categories from dropdowns.

What should I do to start trouble shooting this?
Thank you
JP Candelier

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