[ic] BoA/Cybersource HELP!!!

Mark Weaver mdw1982 at mdw1982.com
Tue Jun 7 21:38:47 EDT 2005

I've just spent the last two hours combing the list archives in the 
hopes of finding a solution to my problem, and all I've come up with are 
more questions and the sinking feeling that IC isn't going to work with 
BoA/Cybersource. Is that assumption correct?

A client of mine has recently switched from Authorize.net to BoA which 
is using Cybersource and when an order is submitted a message is 
displayed on the checkout page that the Credit Card processor did not 
respond which got me digging through the archives.

I found a few posts that suggested some changes be made to the BoA.pm 
and others that mentioned the changeover that BoA was doing. Some of the 
posts from earlier this year even suggested a Cybersource.pm for IC 
might be found in the CVS, but having looked there and found none now 
leaves me wondering if the switch from Authorize.net might have been a 
bad move.

Any suggestions? Things are going from bad to worse...

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