[ic] Using a usertag in a shipping formula

designersilversmiths hillary at designersilversmiths.com
Wed Jun 8 06:13:47 EDT 2005

HI All.

I have been sorting out the Locale and Internationalisation for my  
website in the UK while upgrading from 4.8.9 to 5.2

Looking at country.txt I find tht there are two countries one called  
the "UK" United Kingdom and the other "GB" Great Britain. This  
country is actually  "The United Kingdom of Great Britain and  
Northern Ireland".

The UK is in UPS zone 3 and Great Britain is in UPS zone 9 which is  
odd because my passport implies they are pretty much one and the same  

So have other UK based interchange users noticed this and the  
problems it causes with UPS pricing if a customer choses "GB" while  
another choses "UK"

I would like to swap from UPS to Royal Mail parcel-force and special  
delivery. Quite a lot of the country zones in country.txt are not the  
same as the Royal mail zones but I assume that this is where shipping  
drives the country UPS destination information.

I have looked at shipping.asc and it makes my head hurt.

So my first question is has anybody done a royal mail based  
shipping.asc that they are prepared to share?

second if not - If I replace the UPS zone info in country.txt with  
Royal mail ones will that be all that is needed for a new  
shipping.asc with royal mail data to pick the right postal charge by  

Is there a (simple) guide to the contents of shipping.asc?

Thanks all,

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