[ic] BoA/Cybersource HELP!!!

jeff at hisgirlfridays.com jeff at hisgirlfridays.com
Wed Jun 8 08:41:16 EDT 2005

On Tue, Jun 07, 2005 at 11:14:00PM -0400, Mark Weaver wrote:

> >- Get ICS.pm from Kevin's interchange site (interchange.rtfm.info or
> >something similar). 

> as soon as I can get hold of Cybersource I'll start things going. We've 
> already got an account with them. I'm wondering though, doesn't the 
> current ICS.pm that is present in Interchange do the same thing?

The current ICS.pm that comes with Interchange (presumably, since I'm
running 4.8.6) would allow you to skip the step of downloading ICS.pm
from Kevin and "installing" it in Vend/Payment.  The Interchange ICS.pm
module calls into the cybersource perl CDK library (confusingly enough,
of the same name).


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