[ic] BoA/Cybersource HELP!!!

jeff at hisgirlfridays.com jeff at hisgirlfridays.com
Wed Jun 8 08:57:27 EDT 2005

On Wed, Jun 08, 2005 at 07:17:35AM -0400, Mark Weaver wrote:

> While I was on their site I noticed mention about "clients" for using 
> Simple Order Processing. I'm assuming those are the ones you mentioned 
> that don't work correctly, yes?

Correct.  Just for conversation's sake, there are actually two issues
with Cybersource's new perl Simple API.  The first is that Interchange's
ICS.pm uses the older CS perl CDK, which is totally incompatible with
the new Simple API.  The second issue is that I couldn't get the perl
Simple API to install at all (I was going to write an IC payment module
for it).  I suspect the documentation for it is missing information on
some sort of prerequisite.  The older perl CDK, on the other hand,
installed in a matter of seconds on two systems I was working with.

> I also noticed, if I'm understanding you correctly, that Interchange 
> uses this client to communicate back to the payment gateway, yes? 


> If I'm understanding correctly, the client is using port 80 to send CC
> and order information with the keys that are produced when the client
> is installed. Now, as I understand things at the moment the checkout
> page is called after interchange moves onto the SSL layer to take
> customer CC, shipping and billing information, but the CyberSource
> client communicates over port 80 to "phone home" as it were. Do I have
> this correct?

Yes.  IC will communicate to your customer's browser via SSL.  When it's
appropriate, IC will also communicate "in parallel" with the Cybersource
system.  Do not be fooled by the port 80 communications, though.  The
information sent to Cybersource is well encrypted, the "ecert" process 
described earlier is what creates the keys used for authentication and 

The whole CS integration procedure may seem daunting but I found it 
considerably easier than the Bank of America integration we did 
previously.  In addition, the CS interface is much, much, much, much 
faster.  It's also a single-step to auth and settle, whereas BoA was a 
two-step process which was an issue when one step would succeed and the 
other would fail.


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