[ic] BoA/Cybersource HELP!!!

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Wed Jun 8 16:21:36 EDT 2005

Mark Weaver [mdw1982 at mdw1982.com] wrote:
> I've just spent the last two hours combing the list archives in the
> hopes of finding a solution to my problem, and all I've come up with are
> more questions and the sinking feeling that IC isn't going to work with
> BoA/Cybersource. Is that assumption correct?
> A client of mine has recently switched from Authorize.net to BoA which
> is using Cybersource and when an order is submitted a message is
> displayed on the checkout page that the Credit Card processor did not
> respond which got me digging through the archives.
> I found a few posts that suggested some changes be made to the BoA.pm
> and others that mentioned the changeover that BoA was doing. Some of the
> posts from earlier this year even suggested a Cybersource.pm for IC
> might be found in the CVS, but having looked there and found none now
> leaves me wondering if the switch from Authorize.net might have been a
> bad move. 
Have you found/tried the "CyberSource ICS" (ICS.pm) module?  If not
then you can get it from here:


I assume it works - I don't use it myself.  ICS.pm can also be found
in the Interchange 5.3 (development) CVS source, ready for release
with Interchange 5.4 (stable), in due course.

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