[ic] BoA/Cybersource HELP!!!

jeff at hisgirlfridays.com jeff at hisgirlfridays.com
Thu Jun 9 09:40:06 EDT 2005

On Wed, Jun 08, 2005 at 06:06:46PM -0400, Mark Weaver wrote:

> now... When I attempt to do the keys this is what is returned to the 
> terminal:
>  ./ecert v7048056
>         The application will now send the newly created key pair
>         and certifcate request to the server.
>         Merchant id, v7048056
>         Server host name, setup.ic3.com
>         Server port number, 80
>         This process will add your new keys into the test
>         environment.
>         The server had problems decrypting the message: certificate/private
>         key mismatch, please update your server/client credentials.
>         Update your client libraries at http://www.cybersource.com/support
> Any thoughts?

Yes, I forgot that the ecert that comes with the old CDK is outdated.  
I'll send you the new one (anyone else reading this in the future can 
grab the latest ecert from the Cybersource download section).

I don't think all the make warnings and test errors matter, as I get 
them on my system also.


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