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Mark Bryant mark at eros-shop.co.uk
Wed Jun 15 03:16:42 EDT 2005

At 16:30 14/06/2005, you wrote:
>I can't seem to figure out how to get this numeric search to work. I have
>products priced at 0.00 and I want to create a search that will not display
>them. So I tried this:
>No luck. I was hoping someone knows a way around this.
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Hi Brian,

Assuming you have a suggested_retail field/col to search on in your DB, 
change the > to gt in the line to get that to work :)


Failing that try setting sf=price if your pricing info is stored there. 
Worked for me when I tried it a few mins ago although it doesn't seem to 
take into account TAX settings/values.


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