[ic] Googlebot Getting 500 Errors ... but he's the only one

Bryan Gmyrek bryangmyrek at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 17 01:48:55 EDT 2005

Googlebot is now getting 304 codes (which I understand aren't really 'errors' but nonetheless
don't make sense for a dynamic application).  This is better really than 500 codes because at
least presumably Googlebot will just think the page hasn't changed recently instead of thinking
the page is 'broken'.  But it is definitely still a problem because out of about 2200 page
requests Googlebot got about 1300 304 codes.  
I was looking in the sessions directory and noticed something strange.  There is a session for
Googlebot, but I have the IP 'he' was coming from in the RobotIP list in interchange.cfg  My
understanding was that there should be no sessions for robots.  Also there was a lock file in
Thu Jun 16 22:53:07 MST 2005
 0.16    418  date /opt/catalogs/art/session/J/E
 $ls -al
total 16
drwxrwx---   2 gmyrek users 4096 Jun 16 01:39 .
drwxrwx---  59 gmyrek users 4096 Jun 16 08:53 ..
-rw-rw----   1 gmyrek users 1772 Jun 15 19:37 JESEUyAF:
-rw-rw----   1 gmyrek users    0 Jun 15 19:37 JESEUyAF:
-rw-rw----   1 gmyrek users 2224 Jun 16 01:39 JEW2TGnk:
-rw-rw----   1 gmyrek users    0 Jun 16 01:39 JEW2TGnk:
 0.16    419  ls -al /opt/catalogs/art/session/J/E
 $head JESEUyAF:
/Googlebot/2.1 (+http://www.google.com/bot.html)browser 
?Alan ; Black ; Branches ; Bush ; Bushes ; Contemporary ; Cream ; Floral Plants ; Flower ; Flowers
; Magnolia ; Magnolia Brancheskey


What is the .lock file and any idea why there is a session file for Googlebot even though the IP
is in the RobotIP list?


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