[ic] Payment module problems

Duane Hinkley duane at downhomewebdesign.com
Fri Jun 17 07:47:46 EDT 2005

Jamie Neil wrote:

> Hi All,
> We've recently moved a fairly busy catalog to a new dedicated server, 
> and we've started to see payment module errors (resulting in duplicate 
> charges) several times a day.
> Previous server was running IC 4.9.7 (with lots of patches) on Redhat 
> 7.2 - perl 5.6.1, mod_perl 1.26, apache 1.3.27 and a 2.4 uniprocessor 
> kernel.
> New server is running IC 5.2 on Debian 3.1 (Sarge) - (local) perl 
> 5.8.7, apache 2.0.54 (no mod_perl) and a 2.6 SMP kernel on a single 
> Xeon processor (Hyperthreaded).
> Each time the error occurs, the debug logging that's been set up shows 
> a "500 read error" from LWP, so IC thinks the payment has failed when 
> in fact it has gone through sucessfully.
> I was recommended to set the "PERL_SIGNALS" environment variable to 
> unsafe, which is backed up by several other posts that I've read, but 
> although this seems to have reduced the incidence of the problem, 
> we're still getting one or two failures a day.
> So I've just set the server to run in RPC mode (previously low traffic 
> mode) to see if this fixes it, but I'm wondering if anyone might have 
> an explaination and maybe a better solution?
> Thanks,
One trick a client I had with many high volume stores that worked for 
him, was puttine an entry in the /etc/hosts file for Authorizenets 
server.  It seems for this client the DNS lookup was causing enough of a 
delay at times to cause this problem. 

If this doesn't solve it, let me know.  I had another setting for 
Net::SSleay that seemed to help for another client.  I'll have to look 
through my notes to remember what that was if the hosts file entry 
doesn't do the trick for you.



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