[ic] Payment module problems

Jamie Neil jamie at versado.net
Fri Jun 17 08:33:39 EDT 2005

Duane Hinkley wrote:
> Jamie Neil wrote:
>> We've recently moved a fairly busy catalog to a new dedicated server, 
>> and we've started to see payment module errors (resulting in duplicate 
>> charges) several times a day.
> One trick a client I had with many high volume stores that worked for 
> him, was puttine an entry in the /etc/hosts file for Authorizenets 
> server.  It seems for this client the DNS lookup was causing enough of a 
> delay at times to cause this problem.

Hmm - I'll have a look at this, but as the server is running it's own 
dns caching service I can't see that DNS delay could be much of a factor.

> If this doesn't solve it, let me know.  I had another setting for 
> Net::SSleay that seemed to help for another client.  I'll have to look 
> through my notes to remember what that was if the hosts file entry 
> doesn't do the trick for you.

Thanks. I'll see how RPC mode runs and report back.

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