[ic] Mac/Safari bad page caching makes custom IC catalog unusable

designersilversmiths hillary at designersilversmiths.com
Sat Jun 18 06:10:38 EDT 2005

On 15 Jun 2005, at 11:23 pm, tom friedel wrote:

> I maintain a very customized catalog where the customers frequently
> receive an empty cart at checkout with the Mac/Safari web browser.
> I don't have easy access to Safari/Mac but when I tried it once I was
> noticing the cart, basket.html in this catalog, would get cached and
> might not reflect recently added items.  Since this problem happens
> frequently for this store, I am wondering why there has been almost no
> discussion of it on this list (only a few posts earlier in the year),
> and if maybe somehow this catalog is more vulnerable to the problem,
> thank you in advance
> tom friedel
> http://www.readyink.com

Hi Tom,

I use a Mac G4 running Panther previously. Tiger now. and Safari  
which I use as my default Browser. I run 3 interchange sites now  
based on Interchange 5.2 but previously 4.8.9 all closely based on  
the foundation catalog. On Debian Linux "Woody" and have seen no  
"empty cart" problems with Safari at all.

I suggest you look closely at the HTML output from the apparently  
empty cart and at the session information.

The only time I have got an empty cart is when I miss-configured  

Hope this helps you track the problem.


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