[ic] state and b_state mysteriously truncated to 10 characters

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Sun Jun 19 18:28:23 EDT 2005

Have you tried changing the setting in catroot/dbconf/mysql/userdb.msql?


On 06/19/2005 02:15 PM, John1 wrote:
> Please can anyone cast any light on why state and b_state are being 
> truncated to 10 characters.  Trying to find the reason is driving me 
> crazy ?-( ...
> We use Interchange in the UK and use the "state" and "b_state" fields to 
> record the full name of the County.
> The county/state name is frequently longer than 10 characters so we 
> changed these database fields (we're using MySQL) to VARCHAR(32) from 
> the default VARCHAR(10) (which perhaps not coincidently is the default 
> in the Foundation demo?).
> However, the strange thing is that the value of "state" and "b_state" 
> collected on the checkout page seem to be truncated to 10 characters 
> *during* processing of the order.
> Now, I thought I could track down the source of the truncation by 
> logging the value of state and b_state during the Order Route.  I 
> scattered the following tag at regular intervals in log_transaction:
> [tag op=log file="logs/states" interpolate=1 hide=1]
> state: [value state]
> b_state: [value b_state]
> [/tag]
> Sure enough I can see from the log/states dump that the value starts off 
> longer than 10 characters, but is then truncated.  However, and this is 
> the really weird thing, it seems that the truncation is being done by 
> some code running in *parallel* with the log_transaction code!  Because, 
> if I relocate where I put the [tag op=log..] tags within 
> log_transaction, the truncation appears to occur at different points!  
> i.e.  The truncation can't be done by code in log_transaction, but there 
> must be something running in parallel that suddenly truncates these values.
> Please please can anyone give me some clues as to what might be going 
> on. It's got me completely stumped and confused ?-(
> Any clues at all would be really appreciated.  Thanks
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