[ic] Change date format in the forum

Frederik Sørensen frederik at patch.dk
Tue Jun 21 12:13:49 EDT 2005

In the forum som of the dates is shown with [convert-date fmt="%m/%e/%Y 
@%H:%M"][item-data forum created][/convert-date] to change the format of 
this date i just change the fmt="".
In other places it uses {DATE}, but i can't find anyway to format this date.
Any hints on how to do this?

Also when a user submits a comment in the forum and i get an email 
notice about it with the link: ie:


When i click the link i get the UI login prompt but when i have entered my login info i'm shown an empty table. If i then click the link when i'm already logged in it shows the forum comment. 
Is this a setup problem or a bug in the UI?

I use ic 5.2.0 and the mike demo shop.


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