[ic] components & [query] with [more]

T. Stoffels tstoffels at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 12:01:44 EDT 2005

Hi there.
I'm afraid I have to bother you one final time, since I have yet
another question, this time concerning the [more-list] tag used inside
the [query] tag:

I am using several components on the flypage. The main purpose of
these components is reading from the database and outputting the
results on the flypage.

All components are based on the same 'skeleton' which look somewhat like this:
[query sql=| select somefield  from sometable where... | type=list more=1 ml=10]
        [sql-param somefield]<br>

        Displaying matches [matches] of [match-count] <br> [more]
    [/more list]

Now, if there more than 10 matches the [more_list] section is shown
just fine, but as soon as I click on a 'results-page-index' or the
'next' or 'last' links provided by the [more] tag, the flypage is
reloaded and appears completely empty. The content field is blank and
all components on it display nothing.

This mysterious empty flypage is seemingly based on this url (the url
where the [more ]-tag's next/last link takes me to):

The 'normal' flypage url (here: displaying the item with sku=100)
looks like this:

What am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance -  any help would be greatly appreciated...

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