[ic] timed bounce from non html page

Scott Andreas webteam at wes-state.com
Wed Jun 22 16:15:24 EDT 2005

hello list

I have a perl problem that only perl can solve.

I'm trying to do a redirect after a download from the admin

with java I've used


Count down then redirect script

//specify redirect url
var redirecturl="[area admin/update_leads
//specify pause duration before redirection (in seconds)
var pausefor=8


function postaction(){
if (window.timer){

[tag op=header interpolate=1]
Content-type: application/text
[query list=1 sql="select info, name, bus_name, address, l_city, 
l_state, l_zip, l_zip2, email, ad_code, inquiry_date,  from_name, 
from_bname, from_address, from_city, from_state, from_country, 
from_phone, from_email, from_zip, enter_by,from_phone from leads where 
process != '1' FOR UPDATE"]
[list][sql-param info]|[sql-param name]|[sql-param bus_name]|[sql-param 
address]|[sql-param l_city]|[sql-param l_state]|[sql-param 
l_zip][sql-param l_zip2]||[sql-param email]|[sql-param 
ad_code]|[convert-date fmt="%m/%d/%y"][sql-param 
inquiry_date][/convert-date]|[either][sql-param from_name][or][sql-param 
enter_by][/either]|[sql-param from_bname]|[sql-param 
from_address]|[sql-param from_city]|[sql-param from_state]|[sql-param 
from_zip]|[sql-param from_phone]

is what this does is downloads leads to a file on the desktop the I want 
it to automatically bounce to an update page after 8 seconds. This is 
not a html page but rather an application/text page

I'v also use the "Timed" bounce from the mailing list

        push @OUT,join '',
        q`[tag op=header interpolate=1]`,
        qq`Content-Type: text/html\n`,
        qq`Refresh: 1; URL=$header`,

but that won't work either.

Does anyone have any ideas as how I can proceed


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