[ic] SOAP access to Interchange

John1 list_subscriber at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jun 24 06:31:28 EDT 2005

I would like to access Interchange using SOAP.  I can get Interchange to 
start in SOAP mode:

"Interchange server started in UNIX and SOAP mode(s) (process id 26211)"

but if I telnet to the SOAP port, "telnet localhost 7780", I get:

"telnet: connect to address Connection refused"

Please, can anyone suggest what I might be doing wrong?

Do I have to run Interchange in Unix, Inet and SOAP mode to be able to use 
SOAP access from a remote host, or should the "SOAP_Socket 7780" directive 
be sufficient?

SOAP                        Yes
SOAP_StartServers    2
SOAP_Socket            7780
SOAP_Perms            0660
SOAP_MaxRequests 100

SOAP    Yes

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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