[ic] SOAP access to interchange - logging on

John1 list_subscriber at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jun 24 15:33:33 EDT 2005

Sorry to keep answering my own posts, but I *really* am stuck this time. :-)

I have basic SOAP working, e.g. $Tag->session_name->result is correctly 
returning a session id, but

$Tag->userdb( $login_opt )->result refuses to log me on.

I have "SOAP_Control Tag/userdb always" in both my catalog.cfg and 
interchange.cfg, so I guess there must be something wrong with my logon.pl 
script (see below).  Please can anyone spot the problem - I have stared at 
it for hours and tried everything, but just get a "Service not found" error 
for the userdb call.


use SOAP::Lite;

#no $cat parameter as catalog is
#accessed at root i.e.  www.mydomain.com/

my $host = 'www.mydomain.com';

my $Tag = SOAP::Lite
            -> uri("http://$host/Vend/SOAP")
            -> proxy("http://$host:7780/")
            -> on_debug (sub {print @_});

my $id = $Tag -> session_name ()->result;

my $proxy = "http://$host:7780/$id";

my $login_opt = {
    username => 'myusername',
    password => 'mypassword',
    function => 'login'

my $ok = $Tag->userdb( $login_opt )->result;

Output showing the error:
<faultstring>Service not found</faultstring>

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