[ic] Missing Order Information

Ann Emerson ann at theharmonyproject.org
Sun Jun 26 09:23:57 EDT 2005

I ordered some book early June - 2 books from that order have not come 
as yet - no emails from you about their delivery - just that you did 
place the order

other books on that order all came and I did receive emails of the 
shipping date Thank you for those books

order # 058-3838810-7363725
missings -  2 books by John Shelby Spong - Sins of Scripture $36.98

Please help me find that order - Thank you for your 
help.................. Ann Emerson
Rev. Ann Emerson
The Sanctuary of Sophia
23 Knollwood Street
Monroe, CT 06468-1126
Phone 203-261-7779
Mobil 203-522-2480

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