[ic] profiles.order question

Sandy Thomson sandy at scotwebshops.com
Thu Jun 30 11:00:01 EDT 2005

Jon Jensen wrote:

> Right: If you have &fatal = yes (I think) set, and you put the &set
> blarg 1 after your checks, then the first check that fails will abort
> the profile, and value blarg will not be set.

Cheers. This did help me.

>From RTFM site:

> *&fatal*
>       Set to '&fatal=yes' if an error should generate the error page. 

The documentation implies to me that the profile will finish entirely
before generating the error page, and not stop at that point. So to know
that was great. However the variable I wanted to set was a scratch
variable and not in the values space (I assume these are different things?).

I created a new subroutine &scratchset in Order.pm, very similar to &set.

        '&scratchset'                   =>      sub {
my($ref,$params) = @_;
($var, $value) = split /\s+/, $params, 2;
$::Scratch->{$var} = $value;

Thanks for your help.


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