[ic] Customer Housekeeping & IC 4.8.7 - Resend

Mark Bryant mark at vwe.net
Wed Mar 2 03:58:37 EST 2005

Hi Everyone,

This is an edited resend as my last post seems to have slipped through the 

I'm trying to use IC to do a bit of housekeeping via the Admin UI.....

I have an increasing number of "unused" customer accounts that I'd like to 
remove from the DB. What I mean by "unused" is an account that's never been 
used to place an order and is unlikely to do so.

Analysis of various logs has shown that users that create an account and 
never checkout rarely come back again (for whatever reason) and it seems 
silly to keep them in the DB if all they are doing is taking up space. So, 
from a performance point of view, I'd like to be able to get a list of all 
accounts that haven't placed an order, check off the ones to remove in the 
Admin UI and then delete them.

I have tried manipulating the MySQL DB outside of IC before and IC really 
doesn't like it at all as it gets very confused indeed. So, it looks like 
I'm forced into doing this kind of thing from within IC to keep things sane.

I guess the easiest way would be to add in an Admin UI page of my own 
specifically for the task, but I'm unsure how to even start getting the 
information I need from the DB or how to remove it.

It's probably just a SELECT that I need and a twist on customer.html in the 
admin UI, but I've looked at some of the customer related admin UI pages 
and they seem pretty complex. Worse still Admin UI pages seem to vary 
greatly in their implementations. Talk about confusing!!

Even worse than that, various attempts to build and test various SELECT 
statements in Webmin to see if I can get the right data have failed and I'm 
still unable to find a statement that retrieves the correct records from 
the userdb. Just how hard can it be to get this list of records ?

I've googled extensively and not turned anything usable up and am now 
totally stumped :( Would anyone be prepared to share with me the code for 
achieving the above? The correct SELECT statement would probably be enough 
to get me going in the right direction.

I'm using IC 4.8.7, Red Hat 7.3, Perl 5.6.1 and MySQL 3.23

Many thanks


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