[ic] additional shipping calculation

Doug Alcorn doug at lathi.net
Thu Mar 3 09:00:40 EST 2005

I'm having problems with the "Additional Shipping Calculation" on the
IC Admin page for the shipping configuration.  My client wants to add
$2.50 plus a 30% markup on UPS shipping.  Right now, it's using just
the UPS shipping cost.  I've tried a couple of things.

First, I tried to follow Jim's advice on


Using the IC Admin interface, I set the "Additional Shipping
Calculation" to "(@@TOTAL@@ * .3) + 2.5".  I did this for the four
shipping methods listed in the country table for the US.  This didn't
seem to have any affect on the shipping cost.

I then looked at this earlier post from Mike:


That seems to say the additional shipping cost has an algebraic
formula.  So I tried (in the Admin interface) setting it to "* .3 +
2.5".  This didn't seem to have any affect on the shipping price

The code in Vend::Ship looks like this:

  unless ($o->{free}) {
          return '' if $final == 0;
          $o->{adder} =~ s/\bx\b/$final/g;
          $o->{adder} =~ s/\@\@TOTAL\@\\?\@/$final/g;
          $o->{adder} = $Vend::Interpolate::ready_safe->reval($o->{adder});
          $final += $o->{adder} if $o->{adder};
          $final = POSIX::ceil($final) if is_yes($o->{round});
          if($o->{at_least}) {
                  $final = $final > $o->{at_least} ? $final : 

So it seems like either of these two values for the "Additional
Shipping Calculation" would work:

(x * .3) + 2.5 or (@@TOTAL@@ * .3) + 2.5

So it appears as if either I'm totally misunderstanding what
"Additional Shipping Calculation" is, I've somehow disabled it, or
I've never enabled it.  I'd appreciate your advice.
doug at lathi.net

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