[ic] Safari browser problem

Trung Nguyen TNguyen at palliser.ca
Thu Mar 3 17:22:10 EST 2005

Thanks for the suggestion.


>>> rob at prometheusmedia.com 02/22/05 11:52PM >>>

On Feb 22, 2005, at 3:16 PM, Trung Nguyen wrote:

> we are runnig on IC 4.8 on Red Hat Linux 9 and don't have much problem 
> with
> Safari except for the 500 error on the Next link on the result page. 
> The problem occurs
> more  often after users have selected a collection, then went on to 
> select a different selection
> which had more than one result page. From our web stat, we can see 
> most of our Safari users
> are on version 1.2.4 (v125) which is about 7% of our total hits.
> This problem does not show up on IE and Mozila/Firefox!
Well then, consider the problem fixed in a future release. I have no 
idea when Apple intends to release a version of the version    (1.3 
(v168)) I am using, but it does work for me on this version. I can tell 
you the next version of OS X really is very very nice.

In the mean time, place a note on your page telling Safari users to 
either upgrade or switch to FireFox. I.E. comes with OS X, so you might 
note that as well. Though since it comes with OS X, I suspect if they 
liked it they would use it.


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