[ic] die errmsg("Auto-create of user failed.");

Scott Andreas webteam at wes-state.com
Fri Mar 4 13:05:33 EST 2005

Hello users,

I'm getting errors when customers order an item and then do a checkout. 
I get errors stating " die errmsg("Auto-create of user failed.");"

I believe that it is cause from
Userdb default indirect_login email       in catalog.cfg

If  I delete it, it created the customer account correctly.

in log_transactions there is
[tmp auto_create]1[/tmp]
    [if type=explicit compare=|
                    password='pass[value zip]'
                        verify='pass[value zip]'
        [seti mv_autocreate]
            mv_username=[data session username]
            mv_password=pass[value zip]

        Auto-created user [seti auto_username][data session 
username][/seti][scratch auto_username].
                          [if scratch auto_create]
            [userdb function=save scratch=NONE username="[scratch 
auto_username]" hide=1]
    Auto-create of user failed.
    [perl] die errmsg("Auto-create of user failed."); [/perl]
[catch error-set="Customer record creation" error-scratch="mv_route_failed"]
There was an error adding you to the customer table.

I think that if I add a line or two to log_transaction file where it 
identifies the user email then it should work fine (just a guess)
Does anyone have any Ideas on how I can overcome this problem
I've looked in the list but it doesn't descibe any fixes for this kind 
of problem


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