[ic] Customer Housekeeping & IC 4.8.7 - Resend

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Fri Mar 4 18:31:47 EST 2005

On 03/04/05 07:22, Mark Bryant wrote:
> I suspect the solution is to upgrade to a newer version of MySQL as 
> clearly 3.23 is lacking in a fair bit of functionality.

Try this:

SELECT userdb.username from userdb LEFT JOIN transactions ON 
userdb.username=transactions.username WHERE transactions.code IS NULL 
AND mod_time < (UNIX_TIMESTAMP() - 2592000)

Note that 2592000 comes from 60*60*24*30 (seconds in a minute, minutes 
in an hour, hours in a day, days in a month).

Barring that you can always do up a short Perl script using the DBI 
module to replace the missing functionality of your version of mysql.


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