[ic] formel with radio buttons and check boxes

Stanley Major webmaster at calgary-ecommerce-services.com
Sat Mar 5 18:01:29 EST 2005

I'm trying to use the formel tag, so that when a form is submitted with errors,
the valid fields keep their values.
I am using radio buttons and check boxes, where there are 2 choices, Yes / No.
What I'm seeing is that when No is selected, the value continues to show - for
Yes, the radio button or check box loses its checkedness.

[formel name=waterrep type=radio choices="Yes &nbsp;&nbsp;,No" format="<TD

Can I provide any other information for help in figuring this out?
For a drop-down list, it seems to be working OK:

[formel name=fabriccompos type=select choices="-- select --,100% cotton,65% poly
/ 35% cotton,55% poly / 45% cotton,50% poly / 50% cotton,other"
format="<TD class=contentbar2>%s%s</TD>"]

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Calgary Ecommerce Services
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