[ic] ECHO Payment Address Verification

Jon prtyof5 at attglobal.net
Sun Mar 6 03:50:47 EST 2005

> Is anyone out there using the OpenECHO payment module
> to do 'EV' (verification, deposit and address verification AVS)
> using the OpenECHO module ?  I've been trying to debug my
> way through to figure out what I need to configure but haven't been able
> to definitely conclude how to configure my cart for AVS.
> Anyone can correct me if I'm wrong on any of this but it appears there
> is
> the MV_PAYMENT_MODE set to 'echo' to get you to echo, which works,
> versus some other payment process as well as setting mv_payment_mode
> I think needs to be set to 'EV' to force AVS but it doesn't seem
> to pass through from the IC cart to ECHO.pm/OpenECHO.pm/Payment.pm
> Do I need to use MV_PAYMENT_REMAP to make this work ?
> Assuming so can someone provide an example that sort of fits ?
> Any help appreciated
> Jon

    Doesn't anyone use ECHO or just not for Address Verification ?
If no one uses ECHO at all or just not with AVS I'm curious why not ?

In any case.  I've debugged down to a point where it looks like there
could be some issues with ECHO.pm from the interchange.rtfm
download page.

.... From ECHO.pm

my %type_map = (
  mauth_capture    => 'ES',
  mauthonly    => 'AS',
  CAPTURE_ONLY   =>  'DS',
  CREDIT     => 'CR',
  AUTH_ONLY    => 'AS',

 if (defined $type_map{$actual{cyber_mode}}) {
        $actual{cyber_mode} = $type_map{$actual{cyber_mode}};
    else {
        $actual{cyber_mode} = 'ES';

Since ECHO.pm really uses Payment.pm.  In Payment.pm $actual{cyber_mode}
to 'mauthcapture' unless set by charge_param('transaction')  but in ECHO.pm
(see snippet above)
mauthcapture isn't in type_map so will be forced back to 'ES' (not AVS) no
matter if 'EV'
is set in Payment.pm or not.

So two questions:

What do I need to do in my cart to set charge_param('transaction') = 'EV'
Assuming that is correct.

Shouldn't ECHO.pm be enhanced to support 'EV' in the type_map ?


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