[ic] two long-standing bugs on order_view.html and entry.html

Kaarel Jogi kaarel at gg.ee
Sun Mar 6 22:23:06 EST 2005

Hi folks

These two bugs are present and can be checked in latest version on demo 
site and are in at least from 5.2, probably longer.  I'd be happy if 
anyone has idea how to solve them..

1. Pick an order and go to Order Status tab.  Notice that headers in 
"Ordered Items" section do not match data - "order_number" is in there 
twice and pushes rest of headers out of alignment.

2. Pick some other language when logging in, like Svenska.  Go to 
Order->Enter order and notice that (most of) strings are translated ok. 
Now, do some operation there like clicking Recalculate.  Language 
reverts back to english, globally.  I have localized this bug down to 
being something in flex_editor, but code in there is _far_ too complex 
for me to figure out..

I'd very much appreciate if anyone can help to fix these issues, I have 
been trying for days with no success and also the very generous people 
on irc have tried to help me and failed :(

regards, zrg

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