[ic] Catalogs only work with --debug=1

David xxxxxxx dxxxxxxx at cyber3dnet.com
Mon Mar 7 21:12:29 EST 2005

Has anybody ever see this before?  I've spent countless hours filtering
through everything on the server that I can find that might be related.  I'm
completely at a loss this time.  Let me know if any of you have any ideas.




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Hello All!

First, I want to thank you in advance for anybody who is able to help me
with this problem.  I have used interchange for a long time on a few servers
and recently moved to a new box.  I installed interchange-4.8.9-2 and copied
the catalogs, websites, and databases to the new server.  Unfortunately, I
cannot get the interchange site (or foundation demo) to work.  I receive the
error message "We're sorry, the Interchange server is unavailable."

I have checked my file permissions and ownerships and everything looks good.
The cgi-bin directory has the correct permissions, as other scripts run
fine.  The IC script has the following permissions:  
	-rwsr-xr-x  1 interch  interch   6920 Mar  2 00:48 wildwoodwholesale

I've thoroughly searched these message boards and found many suggestions,
each of which I have tried to no avail.  Last night I noticed something else
strange.  If I stop the interchange server and start it manually with
"/usr/sbin/interchange --debug=1", it starts up in foreground mode and every
catalog works perfectly -- but only in debug mode.  Seeing this, I tried
instead setting "DEBUG 1" in the "/etc/interchange.cfg" file and it did not
work.  Here is an error.log clip from starting the server using
"/etc/init.d/interchange start":

- - - [04/March/2005:22:38:46 -0500] - - Interchange V4.8.9
- - - [04/March/2005:22:38:46 -0500] - - START server (21738) (UNIX)

And this is the excerpt from starting the server using the --debug=1

- - - [04/March/2005:22:40:09 -0500] - - Low traffic settings.
- - - [04/March/2005:22:40:09 -0500] - - ...UI is loaded...
- - - [04/March/2005:22:40:09 -0500] - - Interchange V4.8.9
- - - [04/March/2005:22:40:09 -0500] - - Config 'wildwoodwholesale' at
server startup
- - - [04/March/2005:22:40:09 -0500] - - Config 'foundation' at server
- - - [04/March/2005:22:40:09 -0500] - - START server (15447) (UNIX)
- - - [04/March/2005:22:40:09 -0500] - - START server (15447) (UNIX)
- - - [04/March/2005:22:40:09 -0500] - - Running in foreground, OS=linux,

Does anybody have any idea why using --debug=1 makes a difference?  I can
only run it in foreground mode and that just doesn't work for a live site.
One more note -- this test holds true whether I use UNIX or INET mode.  When
trying INET mode starting the server from /etc/init.d, I receive a
connection refused error why trying to telnet to the Interchange port
"telnet localhost 7786".  If it is started with the --debug=1 option, I can
telnet to port 7786 just fine.  I've worked on this for a few days straight
and I'm open for suggestions.  I've exhausted my Linux knowledge on this
one!  FWIW, I'm using perl v5.8.5.

I appreciate any help!!!



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