[ic] Minivend 4.05 and AOL

Christian Nobis C.Nobis at dmmd.de
Tue Mar 8 12:20:39 EST 2005


we have a site/shop running on Minivend 4.05 since a couple of years now 
and never had trouble with it.

Now it happened that the shop moved to another Server with a new 
installation of Minivend and we got customer mails that they cannot 
checkout using the AOL-Browser. After installing AOL 9.0 we found out 
that the sessionkey is changing on every site and therefore it is not 
possible to fill an shopping <se?lp=ende&p=5qvU.&search=shopping> cart 
<se?lp=ende&p=5qvU.&search=cart> using AOL.

Searching the net and the mailinglistarchives I found out that setting 
Domaintail, IpHead and IpQuad could solve the problem but with the 
following Settings in minivend.cfg the problem remains the same:

 > Domaintail      Yes
 > IpHead          Yes
 > IpQuad          1

Is there any Solution for this Problem or could anyone tell me, how to 
set up these variables to make minivend checkout with AOL-Browsers (or 
the AOL Proxy-Server).


Christian Nobis

PS: I do not think it is a cache-problem because the startpage of the 
site is using PHP to redirect to minivend using a unique, random key.


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