[ic] Rewriting URLs with ActionMap

Cameron G ritontor at icenet.com.au
Wed Mar 9 01:41:55 EST 2005

Hi guys, 

I'm trying to remove the scan stuff from the URL to pretty up things for
search engines, and finding that I'm either a dribbling idiot, or doing
things completely the wrong way. What I'm trying to rwrite the whole scan
url to a single word, like this: 

ActionMap productname sub { $CGI->{mv_nextpage} =
"scan/st=db/co=yes/sf=prod_group/se=productname" }

Which, according to everything I've seen in the docs/mailing list, should
work fine, however all I'm getting is hits to the missing page. I'm meant to
be putting this in the catalog.cfg, right? It seems like this stuff should
be pretty simple, so it's entirely possible I'm just stupid...

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