[ic] Times_Ordered and Best Sellers

Davor Ocelic docelic at mail.inet.hr
Wed Mar 9 17:57:35 EST 2005

> I would still like to know what this line does.
> my $start = tag_data( qw/__UI_META_TABLE__ lookup_exclude orderline/ );

It's a Perl call to:
  tag_data("__UI_META_TABLE__", "lookup_exclude", "orderline");

Or in ITL:
  [data __UI_META_TABLE__ lookup_exclude orderline]

Basically as I can see from the code, it retrieves a value of 
lookup_exclude field from the mv_metadata table, using "orderline"
as key.

That value is a number apparently, and the code uses is to discard
all entries from the orderline table which have order_number smaller
than that value.

Hope it clarifies,


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