[ic] Using image & makesize within perl tag

Peter N. interchange at framework.ws
Thu Mar 10 14:01:36 EST 2005

 >> Can anyone tell me what the proper syntax is to use the [image] tag's
 >> makesize feature within the Perl tag?  It works fine until I add the
 >> makesize attribute.
 >Hi Peter,
 >Yes, [image] puts a lot of assumptions on your setup. When
 >makesize= is used, the tag must write a resized image in the directory
 >named after the size specification.
 >It tries to do that in $Variable->{DOCROOT}/images/XxY/ directory.
 >My guess is that you do not have DOCROOT variable defined in your

Hi Davor,

I have DOCROOT defined in my products/variable.txt file.

The image tag with makesize attribute is working fine normally, in ITL, 
  but it croaks when I use it within the perl tag, which is why I 
thought I might have a syntax error.

Any other ideas?



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