[ic] Area /product grouping

Andrew Rich andrew at mapsdownunder.com.au
Thu Mar 10 23:46:36 EST 2005

> I got 2 product groups.. watches and Clocks..
> Now i have edited one of the group headings from the foundation
> to Clocks.. and i was able to add in all my sub levels...
> Now i added in a GRoup/area called watches and followed the same steps
> did with teh clocks..but for the likes of me ..its not showing up when
> browse the website..
> Any ideas on this ?
> I can do searches for watches and they come up... just that the area
> grouping on the left doesnt come up..
> HELP !!
> Andre

Hi Andre

The list will not just appear.  You have to generate or build it!

How will depend on which version of IC you are running and which
component you are using to display the list.

In IC 4.8.X IC used a vertical category list (I think) which is still
available in IC 5.  This could be rebuilt in Layout Editor (Now under
Miscellaneous).  You could do it manually or auto-populate (that's the
way I used to do it).

With IC 5 there is the Menu Tree which is either manually created/edited
in Menu area or use Menu Loader to create. 

I hope there is enough to point you in the right direction.


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