[ic] QuickBooks and IIF files

Daniel Browning db at kavod.com
Fri Mar 11 17:30:36 EST 2005

* Joshua Lavin <joshua at kingdomdesign.com> [2005-03-11 11:58]:
> As some of you may know, QuickBooks has stopped supporting .iif file 
> imports, and are now recommending using their SDK.
> I have a client using the Interchange to QuickBooks export and all was 
> working fine until they upgraded to ver. 2005 with integrated UPS 
> shipping. The UPS shipping label does not get the address correctly -- 
> it puts the city, state, and zip in address line 2. This only happens 
> with imported orders, not those manually created in QuickBooks.
> I have no idea if I can change their .iif file formats 
> (TRANS_QUICKBOOKS file) to get them to work, but my initial thought is 
> 'no'. The format didn't change; QuickBooks did. The sample .iif files 
> don't even exist on the QB support site anymore.
> Has anyone experience these issues? 

Not yet.  I haven't worked on any versions newer than Quickbooks 2004

> Has anyone looked into rewriting the IC export to use QuickBooks SDK?

I have looked into it a little bit.  It seems the principle limitation is that
they require a windows application to do the sync.  I was thinking of something

Interchange <-> Internet <-> Windows App <-> QuickBooks

There doesn't need to be anything Interchange-specific about the module either,
so it could be put on CPAN.

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