[ic] Question about price adjustment on entry.html - order desk entry

Akash Shah ic_user at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 12 01:45:48 EST 2005


IC 5.2.0 - Foundation based catalog

I'm using the dealer field in userdb to denote wholesale type of users. I 
want to use the admin order entry UI to order entries for them. Here is the 
code I added to my entry.html

[if value customer_id]
  [tmp is_dealer][data table="userdb" column="dealer" key="[value 
  [if scratch is_dealer]
    This user is a dealer with dealer pricing
		$Config->{CommonAdjust} = ':wholesale, pricing:q10,q25:, ;:sale_price, 
;:price, ;$, ==:options';
		$Config->{NonTaxableField} = 'nontaxable';
    This user is a retail customer
		$Config->{CommonAdjust} = 'pricing:q10,q25:, ;:sale_price, ;:price, ;$, 
		$Config->{NonTaxableField} = '';

It displays pricing information correctly on the page, but when the order is 
placed, it uses the default CommonAdjust string to calculate pricing 
information. Any ideas on how do I fix that ?


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