[ic] QuickBooks and IIF files

Jon prtyof5 at attglobal.net
Sat Mar 12 10:56:43 EST 2005

> > As some of you may know, QuickBooks has stopped supporting .iif file
> > imports, and are now recommending using their SDK.

I didn't realize this until now. Must have missed the original post.

> >
> > I have a client using the Interchange to QuickBooks export and all was
> > working fine until they upgraded to ver. 2005 with integrated UPS
> > shipping. The UPS shipping label does not get the address correctly --
> > it puts the city, state, and zip in address line 2. This only happens
> > with imported orders, not those manually created in QuickBooks.
> >
> > I have no idea if I can change their .iif file formats
> > (TRANS_QUICKBOOKS file) to get them to work, but my initial thought is
> > 'no'. The format didn't change; QuickBooks did. The sample .iif files
> > don't even exist on the QB support site anymore.
> >
> > Has anyone experience these issues?
> Not yet.  I haven't worked on any versions newer than Quickbooks 2004
> Enterprise.
> > Has anyone looked into rewriting the IC export to use QuickBooks SDK?
> I have looked into it a little bit.  It seems the principle limitation is that
> they require a windows application to do the sync.  I was thinking of something
> like:
> Interchange <-> Internet <-> Windows App <-> QuickBooks

        Yuk !  The windows part. Sorry I couldn't let this opportunity to make a
comment slip by. Perhaps this gives more reason to nicely integrate IC with
SQL-Ledger. I know there are some efforts already to do this and I hope to
be able to jump in and provide any assistance I can but I keep getting mired
down in other more pressing tasks such as ECHO.pm.

    What would be nice is to have a module that creates CSVs or SQL, that
can easily be pulled into PostgreSQL for SQL-Ledger, that handles most
tasks that most eCommere shopping carts need. That way the whole thing
can be easily automated regardless of your carts DB especially since so many
carts use MySQL.  Perhaps I'm hoping for to much. Anyway I'll do what I can
as soon as I can cause I need it myself and based on what I'm now reading
about QuickBooks it has become even less of a viable long term solution
in my opinion


> There doesn't need to be anything Interchange-specific about the module either,
> so it could be put on CPAN.

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