[ic] Perhaps bug and perhaps fix in Shadow.pm

Dr. Michael Streubel michael.streubel at ibizplanet.com
Mon Mar 14 11:57:19 EST 2005


IC 5.2, however upgrade of Shadow.pm from 1.45 to 1.48 (newest).
Existence of shadow database.

Before the upgrade, IC crashed when pressing the "Advanced" (search) link
in the search_box_small component. Reason:

"key code not in query select distinct name from cat"

That's an error message from Shadow.pm and occured because of the
occurrence of the above query within advancedsearch.html.

Now, after the upgrade, everything is working for the english locale,
however for other locales there is now a crash in line 343 at the statement

 if (@{$qref->{order}}) {

which should be replaced by

 if ($qref->{order} && @{$qref->{order}}) {

That fixes everything. The "Advanced" (search) link now works for all 

HOWEVER:  the selection box for the categories in advancedsearch.html still
contains the category names for the english locale irrespective of the 
actual locale.
Can someone tell whether this is still a bug?


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