[ic] exporting all tables for backup

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 11:08:14 EST 2005

> > Thanks guys, that sounds pretty slick but IC already has a
> > dumper/exporter built in right?  Using that makes it easy to backup
> > the database data along with the catalog files.  I suppose something
> > like mysqldump would be just about as simple.
> >
> > - Grant
> Grant,
> you could actually do both from a cron job which would be the best
> solution since you wouldn't have to do this manually. To back up the
> catalog files simply include this in the interchange users cron tab or
> the root user's cron tab.
>         tar -zcf /home/interch/catalogs interch_cat.tgz

Hi Mark,

That's the command I'd like to use to back up the catalog files along
with the database data.  But to get the latest export of data into the
catalog, I need to run something like this first:

[loop list="products userdb etc"]
       [export table="[loop-code]"]

I can set up an IC job in the crontab to run that ITL script right
before the tar command.  Alternatively, a mysqldump command run right
before the tar command would work.

- Grant

> Mark

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