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Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Thu Mar 17 00:27:15 EST 2005

Quoting Mathew Jones (mat at thinkopensource.com):
> Matt Johnson wrote:
> >I would have to say that your site, your programs, and your knowledge
> >of both are so unrealistic its not even funny.  Do you really think
> >people can USE your program?  do you really BELIEVE that anybody can
> >USE your website?  It took me 15 mins just to find your email, let
> >alone find any help.  I can't believe something this horrible even
> >exists.  I hope the support for this program, the group, and this site
> >have found something better to do with their lives.  I know I have.
> >
> >Goodbye.
> If someone is going to post such a trashing at least do it from an 
> anonymous email address. Here is the offending guys website:
> http://www.greendayfreaks.com/blog/author.php
> Maybe we can all post some comments on his blog which are just as useful as 
> his comments to the mailing list :)

I don't think we need bother. Since there are people to respond, it
is obvious that there are people who can use Interchange.

Someday someone may come along that can explain an essentially complex
task very simply. I still haven't seen the powerful/robust/cheap/easy-to-use
combination in our area of specialization....but you never know.

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