[ic] Synchronics Counterpoint POS and Interchange

Lawrence Tartol lawrence at davidweatherford.com
Thu Mar 17 03:02:12 EST 2005

> I have a client that is using a Windows POS that uses Microsoft SQL,
> and we are running ODBC to the MySQL database for Interchange. The POS
> system is called TAM, from Lode Data Systems.
> You just need MyODBC from MySQL to make the two talk.
> Here may be your problem. It would be much better for your client if
> orders placed on the web would flow into the POS. Without it, you have
> to do re-entry of all web orders to keep the POS in sync.
> FWIW, TAM has a module called WebLink which gives you a portal into the
> POS. ODBC takes products and sends them to the web, and gets orders
> from the web and places into the module, which takes care of converting
> those to actual POS sales.
> Happy integrating.
> --
> Josh Lavin
> Kingdom Design   http://www.kingdomdesign.com/

Thanks Josh! The POS we are using uses 'Pervasive v8' for its database
but we have the option of upgrading (if you want to call it that)
to a version of the POS that runs off of MS SQL for an extra $500. The
business I'm setting up Interchange for
lacks a technical staff. I lack the explanatory power to change to something
else because they are comfortable with the off the shelf stuff they are
using, I
have to wait until processing web orders become unruly, makes them money,
and mandates change. I would love to be able to change IC into an
ERP creation, but until I have more pull and programming resources ( I have
a research brain not a programming brain) with this business we
will be processing web orders through the Windows POS (I think there is
something gratifying in this physical act for the owner). What I may want to
have happen is for MS SQL to refresh and requery the IC database I
have in MySQL. Maybe go the route of having the 'inventory' table 'sku' and
'quantity' fields updated from MS SQL fields, I don't know if it will affect
referential integrity or if I need to be mapping more than that. Any
suggestions? Or research that anyone can suggest?


Lawrence Tartol


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