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Thu Mar 17 11:19:14 EST 2005

All this wasted energy bickering.....can anyone help me with the question I
posted, as below. Thanks.

I decided it was time to sort out Worldpay with callback, I have been all
through the archives (many times) yet still cannot complete it. I have the
notes from Lyn St George but there is too much missing for me to make it work.

I have a basic callback working, where worldpay will call the callback page and
display whether a transaction was good or cancelled with basic password check


[if cgi transStatus eq Y]
[if cgi callbackPW eq password]
Payment sucessful

That works fine, now I want to trigger IC to complete the order, in otherwords
replace the above "Payment Sucessful" with the trigger code.

I tried this code from the archives:-

[seti url][area href=process form="
mv_order_route=log main copy_user
mv_order_receipt=ord/receipt "]
[bounce href="[scratch url]"]

When placed within the IF statement this code triggers the order just fine if I
call the page myself from my server with the approprite cgi variables in the
url, however when running it with a test transaction via the Worldpay server it
fails with a 302 re-direction error, the order is not trigerred and I am left
stranded on Worldpay, Worldpay flag it as a callback failure.

So how can I get the callback page to trigger the order based on testing the
transStatus and callbackPW cgi variables???


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