[ic] Getting Worldpay Callback to trigger IC?

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Thu Mar 17 19:34:45 EST 2005

Quoting Jonathan Clark <jonc at webmaint.com>:

> > > For myself, I consider Worldpay to be such poor value that it
> > is simply not
> > > worth putting in the serious time required to achieve a "proper" system.
> > > Either use this kludge as is, or get a proper merchant account.
> > >
> > >
> > > >> Coupled to this, with WorldPay, you need to hand inspect
> > each payment on
> > > >> WorldPay anyway as their fraud prevention is so poor, so you are not
> > > gaining
> > > >> a huge amount anyway.
> > >
> > > Agreed - they like to give the impression that they will take
> > care of the
> > > merchant (ie, their customers), that you can get a WP account without
> > > a normal merchant account, and that they are generally better than
> > > any other option. None of this is true. Plus they legally
> > consider all of
> > > your customers to be their customers as soon as a transaction has been
> > > made, and they will feel free to contact them directly.
> > >
> > I have used Worldpay for a year now and I don't have a problem
> > with them, I
> > haven't tried any other systems to compare but they seem ok to me.
> I wrote a few paragraphs on how poor the fraud screening is in WorldPay but
> have decided that publishing it would be bad for those merchants who still
> use it.
> I shall just say here that if you are in an industry where there is a good
> chance of fraud then look for another system.
> Further to Lyn's comments about WorldPay in general, I consider the
> arrogance extends beyond WorldPay itself and into the merchant services of
> Natwest / RBS, the high-street bank which owns it. They will steer you in
> the direction of WorldPay rather than their merchant services if you do
> internet transactions at all, and having been a Natwest business customer
> for many years I was astounded by the abysmal rates they offered and their
> refusal to negotiate them even though they could see exactly the transaction
> volumes and sums involved. This is in contrast to Barclays and HSBC which
> offered significantly better rates from the start - even though I have never
> had an HSBC account.
> We now use Barclays Merchant Services and ePDQ. Interchange payment module
> available if anyone wants it.
> Jonathan.

I have had no problem in negotiating better rates with Worldpay, they are
slightly higher than ePDQ but I get the money quicker from Worldpay than I
would with ePDQ (again after negotiation with them).  ePDQ would not negotiate
on this at all. I also get included VbV and Mastercard Securecode which ePDQ
were charging for last time I looked, this puts the risk of the transaction on
the card issuer and not me for customers enrolled on the schemes.

It sounds like it might bw worth changing to ePDQ if it will integrate with IC

For now I am still struggleing to get the import tag to write into the
transaction table, it doesn't seem to work properly for me , here is a snippet
of code from Lyn, which is very similar (if not identical) to that found in
log_transaction, bar the setting of mv_order_number:-

[seti mv_order_number][fcounter etc/order.number][/seti]
[seti add_wp]
[tag flag write]transactions[/tag]
[import table=transactions type=LINE continue=NOTES]
code: [scratch mv_order_number]
store_id: __STORE_ID__
order_number: [scratch mv_order_number]
session: [data session id]
username: [data session username]
shipmode: [value mv_shipmode] ([shipping-desc])
shipping: [value shipping noformat=1]
nitems: [nitems]
subtotal: [value subtotal noformat=1]
handling: [value handling noformat=1]
salestax: [value salestax noformat=1]

All I get in the transaction table is an order number and date but none of the
data is stored, no names, addresses, nitems, amounts etc etc.

Can anyone explain why please?


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