[ic] Working with VAT inclusive prices

Jamie Neil jamie at versado.net
Tue Mar 22 11:11:15 EST 2005

Steve wrote:
> If so, could Jamie expand on how his system works with the CommonAdjust
> tags? I haven't used CommonAdjust before, but thought it was for quantity
> pricing?

include etc/subtax.tag
CommonAdjust <<EOF

UserTag subtax              Routine   <<EOR
sub {
	my $price = $s;
	$price = $price/1.175;
	return $price-$s;

If I was to do this now (having more IC experience), I would probably:

1) Use the "& CODE" rule form rather than a usertag.

2) Make the tax deduction according to the value of the tax_category & 
nontaxable fields.

However despite being ugly it does work.

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